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Do-it-Yourself Versus Hardwood Floor Installation
5 months ago

Versatile, beautiful, and easily repairable, hardwood floor installation are an industry standard. Available in an incredible range of natural colors, and durable, your hardwood floor can also be refinished and repaired unlike most other floor types. With so many styles and colors available, hardwood floor installation can be a pleasure. Here are some things to think about when planning your floor's installation.


If you're opting for traditional hardwood floor installation, there are many kinds of wood to choose from. Each kind of wood has its own unique characteristics, style, stain, and decay resistance. Engineered wood is another option for hardwood floor installation that has gotten more popular in recent years. Made with a thicker top coat finish and polyurethane resins, engineered wood floors offer the same durability as hardwood floor installation with added sturdiness.


Hardwood installation is best left to the experts if you have extensive experience installing a hardwood floor. Many do-it-yourself hardwood floor installation plans include detailed step-by-step instructions that should be followed carefully. If you're thinking of doing it yourself, always check with your hardwood floor installation professional whether the plan you've chosen will suit your needs.


In addition to wood and engineered wood, another choice in hardwood floor installation is to use a hardwood floor nailer. A hardwood floor nailer is simply a larger version of a typical nail gun. It uses compressed air to expand the nail head into the hardwood floor. Using a hardwood floor nailer allows more nails to be installed in less time. However, this type of flooring nailer requires extra care and attention as the compressed air can be hazardous. Visit this site for further details.


Although more expensive, solid wood is considered the best solution for people who want to install a hardwood floor but lack the experience. A solid wood floor is usually easier to install than an engineered wood floor, especially if you have little or no experience using a nail gun. The installation method for solid wood also depends on the manufacturer. Some hardwoods come pre-finished, while others may require the buyer to do some work. It's always best to ask the saleslady about installation methods as not all hardwoods come ready-to-assemble.


In choosing hardwood floor installers like Ulta Home, do-it-yourself homeowners can also consider opting for a contractor. Contractors can offer expert service that would not be possible for do-it-yourselfers. They may also provide subfloor and insulation assistance to make sure that the finished floor will serve the homeowner's intended purpose. Although installing floors may seem easy for many homeowners, do-it-yourselfers are advised to seek professional help. Contractors have more experience in this field and will be able to install the floor correctly. They can also correct any mistakes that the do-it-yourselfer may make during the installation process.


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